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How to Market Supplement Products

How to Market Supplement Products in a Competitive Market



marketing 1Most everyone knows of the “4P”‘s of Marketing.

1. Product: What you are selling.

2. Pricing: Setting a price based on value and competition.

3. Place: Where is your product going to be available.

4. Promotion: Educating consumers and encouraging sales.




When you are developing your product, you need to consider these things. Having the greatest thing next to sliced bread wont matter if you can’t get it out to the public to be PURCHASED!

The nutritional supplement industry is very competitive, consumers can find numerous products in almost every store. The trick is putting your products where people can find them, and educating them on why yours is better than the others.

Here are some ways you can do that, without being a Fortune 500 company with bottomless pockets for massive ad campaigns and market saturation. Read more